Civilization is a By-Product of the Human Brain

(Flow of thoughts)

Civilization is a By-Product of the Human Brain (Flow of thoughts)

Author: Dr. Jaime Romano Micha

The human brain is changing (specifically, evolving). Civilization is the by-product of the brain.

Reality is cyclical. Time makes these cycles look like waves, rising and falling, providing the directionality which is the engine of evolution.

History has taught us that in ancient times the human brain was dominated by magical thinking, intuition, art (the “right brain”). Then, in the 17th century, the Enlightenment period following the French Revolution began to “dissipate the darkness of humanity through the light of reason.” As such, it was referred to as the century of lights. At this point, rational thought began to dominate (the “left brain”).

Science, technology, communication… they evolved. Rational thought was employed to explain reality, money, and material progress. Religion declined as marketing gained ground.

That being said, the human brain resides within us. The majority of humans were illiterate and primitive, so marketing and religion dominated, whether through rational thought in the former case or magical thought in the latter.

The progress of civilization is composed of cycles of differing frequencies: there are smaller cycles embedded within larger ones, like a symphony.

The small cycles (the fastest ones):
World War II – Economy, industry, technological and scientific development used to overpower humans were the expression of the “left brain” (aka peaks). As a response, “right brain” (valley) phenomena like The Beatles, the Hippies, and love flourished.

Thus began the integration of these small cycles of left and right brain.

Baby Boomers: love and money
Generation X: technology, progress, communication, internet, large capital cities
Millennials: postponing marriage, prioritizing the here and now, rejection of religion, travel, cultural exchange, genetic exchange, LGBT, short attention spans

Men have begun to be more feminine, while women are more masculine (as there exists more dialogue between the right and left hemispheres of the brain).

An example: Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist (right brain) who received a Nobel Prize in economics (left brain).

Freud had proposed that there existed something beyond rational thought — the unconscious.

In the last 30 years, technology has allowed us to better understand this marvelous organ, the most complex in nature: the human brain.

Marketing which attempts to influence the decision-marking process of humans who live in a rational world dominated by the left brain must develop tools based on this type of thinking. Surveys, focus groups, and interviews for instance. However, these tools can only analyze the rational part of a decision-making process, based upon asking individuals questions.

Daniel Kahneman established that there exists a non-conscious component of decision-making, of which humans are not aware. The “Neuropyramid” that I (Jaime Romano) have developed explains that this unconscious element occurs in the brain. Neuromarketing S.A. de C.V., an enterprise of mine, has developed scientific tools in order to measure this activity, such that it is possible to not only understand what is occurring during this unconscious process, but also quantify it.

While all the traditional marketing techniques and interviews projected that Hillary Clinton would win the US elections, our analyses consistently predicted that the winner would be Donald Trump.

When we approach our knowledge with a historical perspective — or as a dialogue between the right and left brain — it was easy to predict that Trump would win the election.

Obama represents the right brain, intuition, integration, love, and peace. Trump represents the left brain, analysis (being the process of breaking complex topics into smaller parts), as well as the establishment of dividers, isolationism, power and domination. As is evident, he clearly lacks intuition. He is unable to connect with his right brain. (It’s surprising that a world leader would inform us that his pilot had told him the US aerospace program was obsolete. The country’s leader making administrative decisions based on his pilot’s opinion… incredible!)

What’s worrisome is that, as history has shown, certain cycles are linked to disastrous events. The Enlightenment (left brain) and the French Revolution; the peak of left-brain domination and WWII. The state of the world seems to suggest that things will resolve themselves in a similar manner. We can only hope that the impending tragedy will be less damaging.