We are a Mexican company, a pioneer in the world in applying neurosciences to understand consumer behavior.

Welcome to the world of applied neuroscience:

We put all our knowledge, passion, and experience at your service, so that, you can achieve your goals and together make a difference.


To be allies in the achievement of objectives and goals of our clients, putting at their service true knowledge and experience in the application of the neuroscientific methodology and integrating diverse specialties, technology, and the highest quality standards. 


To be a reference in applied neurosciences in Mexico and the world, thanks to our work in research, methodological development, innovation, diffusion, and practical application to business, marketing, and education.


Experience – Innovation – Scientific Rigor – Quality – Ethics – Collaboration – Service attitude – Openness – Knowledge Sharing – Results Orientation


We are pioneers in scientific neuromarketing and innovators in Mexico and the world, we aim to better understand our consumers:


We have broad worldwide approval and are backed by high-level references.

The only neuroscientific model endorsed by Philip Kotler for its application in marketing.

“Romano’s Neuropyramid should be a basic reading for marketers who want to advance their marketing tools and understand how humans make their purchasing decisions”

– Philip Kotler

Leadership and scientific seriousness were mentioned by Roger Dooley.

“Jaime Romano is one of the few thoughtful thinkers in the world of Neuromarketing. His work is a must-read”

– Roger Dooley

Cutting-edge Methodology recognized by Martin Lindstrom.

“Romano’s Neuropyramid offers good insight into our brains and why some brands get off the ground and most die”

– Martin Lindstrom


Meet our team of experts

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Marketing, we work with scientific rigor but with the creativity and innovation that today’s businesses need.

We develop our own technology to offer optimal results.


Founder and director

Doctor in Clinical Neurophysiology (UNAM) (National Autonomous University of Mexico)

As a researcher at UCLA and the Mexican Institute of Mental Health, he has delved into attention, visual memory, and decision-making processes.  In 1988, Romano created a computerized brain mapping system, adopted by more than 120 clinics around the world. After 30 years studying the brain, he developed a model with marketing applications: The Romano’s Neuropyramid

Carlos Bernal

Director of Research, methodology, and Operations

Medical surgeon graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Doctor in Biomedical Sciences specialized in neurosciences.

Researcher and teacher at the UNAM Faculty of Medicine with publications in international journals, and collaborations in book chapters about the brain neurophysiological processes involved in the formation of memory and learning, cognitive impairment, and epilepsy.

Participant in a macro-project of research on neurodegenerative diseases. Lecturer at national and international congresses.

Sergio Sosa

Commercial Coordinator 

Expert in market intelligence and consumer knowledge.

He has collaborated in companies such as Coca-Cola de México, Ford Motor Company, and McDonald’s in different positions in areas of consumer insights, Business Intelligence, Strategic Planning, Operations, and Marketing Productivity;  He has also been Accounts and Customer Service Director in market intelligence consulting firms.

Brandon Carmona

Operations Coordinator

Psychologist with experience in clinical evaluations for diagnosis and treatment of patients with various clinical disorders.

Specialized training in Scientific Neuromarketing and elaboration of experimental designs for market research. Certified in electroencephalographic recordings and physiological signals for neuromarketing protocols.

Consultant for Neuromarketing laboratory installation, logistics and operation. Transcranial magnetic stimulation, Neurofeedback therapist.


We are the only company specialized in applied neuroscience that is affiliated with AMAI ( Mexican Association of Market Research Agencies). Where our CEO, Dr. Romano is Founding Partner of the Applied Neuroscience Committee.

Neuro Psicopedagogía Integral

Neuromarketing is part of the group: Neuro Psicopedagogía Integral S.C. (Neuro Psychopedagogy), with more than 35 years of experience in the treatment of children and adolescents with learning and behavioral problems.


Re-election as Chairman (2015 – 2018), where Dr. Jaime Romano represented Mexico at NMBSA (Neuromarketing Science and Business Association) based in Amsterdam, Holland.