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Publicado en September 28, 2021

In Neuromarketing we are passionate about people and our main objective is to understand them in order to offer them better services and/or products, that is why we are a market research company based in a Neuroscience laboratory, where we study consumer decision-making process.

We want to share with you our passion for neuromarketing.

Now you can take our lectures to your university!

About our conference:
“Neuromarketing, a new way of knowing the consumer”
The conference addresses a brief introduction to neuromarketing, from its origins to its current commercial application.

Duration of 1 hour + 15 min of questions and answers.

Jaime Romano Micha
Doctor in Clinical Neurophysiology, CEO of NEUROMARKETING.

• Send a formal email asking us to review the agenda for a specific date
• Subsequently, send a request letter signed by the career director on University letterhead (only with the letter can the agenda be blocked)
• Specify in mail and letter that there must be a minimum capacity of 100 spectators
• Letter signed by career director on letterhead
• Promotion of the event by the university
• Introduction to the conference by the career director or assigned professor, there must be a moderator for the question and answer section.
• Logistics connection via zoom or professional platform organized by the university

Are you interested?
Send us an email, we will gladly assist you: